Bed bug

Keep your home free of hard-to-manage bed bugs

Choose a safe solution for ridding your home of bed bugs by working with the experts at Swift Pest Control.



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Get exacting service for bed bug inspections

Know that you need a full bed bug inspection on a regular basis to know if this problem is present. You will find it very hard to find bed bugs in their early phases on your own, but with our full inspection service, you'll get rid of them fast. Call our team for bed bug inspections for:

  • Homes
  • Businesses
  • Hotels
  • Apartment complexes
  • Condos

Don't trust that you can handle this difficult-to-treat problem without outstanding service from our team. 

Get safe, effective treatment of your problem

You can control bed bugs once they are in your home. Utilize our proven methods for ridding them from your home, including:

  • Complete spray with special solutions that target all phases of bed bugs
  • Mattress covers that encapsulate mattresses to suffocate any remaining bugs
  • Treatments that help to prevent their return

You will likely need to replace furniture that's saturated with the pests, but you'll reduce the risk of return when you work with our team. Choose only a safe method that helps you to get your home back.

Call to schedule a bed bug inspection or service call today.


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